Client Success Story: Terrance & Melissa

In an interview with Terrance & Melissa, we take a look back at their journey with Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners and find out what made their experience so special. They provide us with some of their favorite aspects of the team and even some advice for potential homebuyers.

Who are Terrance & Melissa?

Andrew Genin, our Lead Buyer’s Specialist and Terrance & Melissa’s agent: “I met Terrance and Melissa for the first time back in 2015 when they were looking to buy their first home. In October of 2019, they reached out to start a new search to find their forever home out in the country. It took a while to find the right fit, but in January we found the winning ticket. We closed on their new home quickly and needed to get their first home ready to sell. We listed their first home and sold it with multiple offers within days. They're some of my favorite clients. Always so friendly, understanding and trusting. It's always made me want to go the extra mile for them.”

Why did you decide to sell? How did you know it was the right time for you?

Melissa: “We had known that we wanted to move out to the country at some point. We both grew up in the country and had been daydreaming for a while about finding a property out in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did because we were liking our old house well enough, but Andrew was willing to show some properties to us as we continued narrowing down what we wanted in a country property. We found the right house and the right property that we just fell in love with. It really was pretty serendipitous.”

Terrance: “Yeah it really was. It started as a preliminary discussion; just looking and daydreaming. Andrew was so good at giving us recommendations that we were able to start seeing a little bit of houses at first and reinforcing the idea of what we really wanted. He was really good with leading us down a path based on our wants and discussion we had in the past. This property that we have now came up as one of the suggestions and we fell in love with it instantly. We saw it multiple times and it was just the right fit. It was a feeling.”

Was there anything you were nervous or concerned about?

Terrance: “It was our first time selling a home, so definitely new territory for us. But with Andrew’s help it was really smooth and easy. He was very knowledgeable about every step of the process. He wouldn’t burden us with details we didn't need to know at that time. He was very calm during the whole thing. Didn’t really pressure us any one way. Andrew really seemed to have a genuine care for our wellbeing during the process. The prospect of potentially having two mortgages when you're selling, especially during a pandemic, is a little daunting. But that never really crossed our minds. He put our minds at ease the whole way through.”

Melissa: “We had decided to sell our house before COVID-19 struck and exploded, so we were pretty worried about how COVID would affect us and our ability to sell our house. But Andrew and Brittnie did such a good job of presenting us with the market research and how hot things were continuing to be in Madison so they made us feel a lot better about all that.”

Why did you choose Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners?

Melissa: “I had actually been recommended this real estate company from a friend when we bought our first house. It was purely word-of-mouth. She had nothing but positive things to say and I really trust this friend and decided to set up a meeting and I’m so glad that we did.” 

Terrance: “It was amazing. Right when we walked in the door, Matt greeted us. He was super friendly and got a sense of what we were looking for and what our needs were. Then we got paired with Andrew as our agent. Every step of the process was so fluid. It was really based on forming a connection. There was no talk of any business, nothing. It was all about what we wanted and what they could do to help. We couldn't imagine going with anyone else or recommending anybody else. It’s just been such a personable experience.”

What advice do you have for someone who is selling their home? 

Melissa: “We did a lot of projects right before we sold the home to try to make it more appetizing for the buyers. We wish we would have done those projects sooner so that we could have enjoyed the fruits of our labor. We could have and we didn't, and now we know that for the future.”

Terrance: “A lot of people wait on getting a real estate agent or they wait on getting a meeting with a loan officer to get their finances done. I would say get that done right away because for us, the most daunting thing was just thinking about buying a house. You never know what really goes into it until you talk to the experts. With Matt and his team, we were able to really get a handle on that stuff right away. It became a little bit more normalized. So my suggestion would be get a meeting with a realtor, get a meeting with a financial officer to see what you can afford right away. It will give you a better idea of what you're getting into and if that's really a step you want to take.”

Would you hire Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners again?

Both: "Absolutely."

Melissa: “When we were thinking about selling our house there was no question that we wanted to work with Andrew again. He sold us our first house and we wanted to only work with Andrew the second time around. We always joke about how we want to be best friends with Andrew and I think we have crossed over into friend territory. We have talked about hanging out with him and his wife at our new house so I think we’re gonna get there. 

Terrance: “Yeah, 100%.”  

Thank you, Terrance & Melissa, for choosing Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners!

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