Client Success Story: Nicole and Jared

Following their experience with the team, we caught up with Nicole and Jared, clients who worked with Karisa to buy and sell in Belleville, WI. Check out the interview below to hear about their experience!

Who are Nicole and Jared?

From Karisa: "When I first met Nicole and Jared, they had outgrown their current home and they were looking for a larger home in the same community.  Their home search took a little time because the community they were looking in didn’t have much inventory and they weren’t sure if building a new home was the route they wanted to take.  Once a home came available that fit their needs, they quickly got in to see it and decided to offer.  There were other interested parties in the home but we came up with a competitive offer strategy and their offer won.  

They also needed to sell their current home so after an offer was accepted, I prepared a market analysis and a plan that included staging, advice for preparing their home and a timeline of events to take place in order to get their home listed quickly.  Once their home was listed, we had more than one interested party and they accepted a great offer, over the asking price, on their home.  I’m so happy I was given the opportunity to help Nicole and Jared and I wish them the best in their new home!"

Why did you decide to buy and sell? How did you know it was the right time?

Nicole: "We've been looking at houses for about two -ish years. We've been at our current house, well, our old house for about 10 years, and our family has grown, and so we needed a bigger house. The main issue too was we have two daughters that are getting older, and we all shared a bathroom upstairs. So that was the clincher. We're like, hmm, we better get this before teenage years."

What were you most nervous or concerned about in the process?

Jared: "Everything. Yeah, we'd never had sold a house before, so that was terrifying, especially because we had to do a rent back, so we had to own two houses. So I was extremely concerned that our house wouldn't sell and no one was gonna like it, and loose the whole thing."

Nicole: "That is like, it adds more pressure when you're doing both, right? And because we've never done it before, we didn't know the process or we didn't really know if our house needed a lot of work or little things that we needed to do before the house was set up. So just a lot."

Did you end up having to do much to the house before selling?

Nicole: "I mean, we did a lot of purging and cleaning, but what was really nice is Karisa came by and she gave her opinion. We had a big painted mural on the wall. I had also painted the trim white, but then I left the doors, so I was worried I had to go through and paint all the doors. And she gave her honest opinion — what we can do now and what's feasible — and it was all very helpful."

What were you looking for in a real estate agent?

Jared: "The biggest thing for me is I tend to rely on people that do their jobs, I guess, for lack of a better term. And I've always found it hard to find a real estate agent that will give you their honest, personal opinion on a house. That was a big thing for me and that was something that Karisa did for us, for sure. I really appreciate it."

Nicole: "I agree. And someone reliable, dependable. She answered immediately all the time. We had a different realtor before and it was it was a long process because there wasn't a lot of houses available in the area we wanted so we would go longer stretches without talking to them and it was really nice to have Karisa when we changed. She just was great at responding, great at like connecting and saying like "Hey did you like it" or "Hey I saw this one" it was really nice. She was really good at keeping in contact in communication. And she was closer to us too! She's just a town over so yeah we knew similar places and it felt like a neighbor."

Why did you ultimately choose Karisa to be your real estate agent?

Nicole: "We got to know you guys when I did the fall photography for your Day on the Farm Event. I got to know everybody through that and so I felt really comfortable in trusting you guys. Karisa was in our area and so it worked out well!"

What stood out to you during the process of buying a home and buying a home?

Nicole: "I underestimated how much work it takes from the selling point of view. Buying I knew because we went through it previously. I kind of knew all that needed to happen but the selling and all the ins and outs of how to get an open house, how to get different offers, and how to work with the different little side things. Yeah I underestimated that, I think Karisa did an amazing job of going behind the scenes and just working it all out and making it so that we had the best offer possible."

Do you have any advice for someone who's thinking about selling and buying a home (and doing it at the same time)?

Jared: "Don't stress too much. If you have a good realtor it kind of works itself out and I feel silly that I stressed for like two straight months when everything worked out just fine."

Nicole: "I guess just I think to reiterate what Jared said, this is stressful. Buying and selling a home is very stressful. I guess I never really realized how stressful it was. And so the importance of getting somebody a realtor that you really trust and you really have faith in."

Would you hire Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners and Karisa again (if you needed to)?

Jared: "I would! And I would work with Karisa again. She did so much that we didn't even realize till it all was over. She even helped us after we moved! Everyone else that we delt with in the office was great. Super responsive."

Nicole: "I would too. Yeah. I'm also in the advertising field. And I'm obsessed with how you guys do your advertising with like the cool billboards you do and like all the fun little personalized things. So great job!"

Thank you, Nicole and Jared, it was such a pleasure working with you!

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