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Step-by-Step Home Buying

Matt Winzenried

Matt has worked in Real Estate since 2005. He has experience in changing markets and economies...

Matt has worked in Real Estate since 2005. He has experience in changing markets and economies...

May 31 3 minutes read

Are you itching to buy your dream home or upgrade your current living situation? We totally get it. The world of real estate can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're new to the game. We've got just the thing for you— keep reading (and watch this Home Buyer seminar video) to be equipped you with the knowledge and resources you need to make those crucial decisions with confidence.

Reasons to Buy Real Estate

We're peeling back the layers of some common home buying myths that might be holding you back from taking the plunge. For starters, renting isn't always cheaper than buying. Yep, you heard that right! There’s even more reasons to buy real estate, including:

  • Achieve your goal of home ownership
    • "It’s more than a house, it’s your home"
    • Build memories
    • Factor in the money and emotions that are involved
  • Build equity
    • "Home values have increased over 25% in Dane county since 2020"
    • Build wealth
  • Gain tax advantages

The Best Time to Buy

Don't be fooled by the belief that the best time to buy is always in the spring. We'll let you in on a little secret—the real estate market doesn't adhere to seasonal trends as rigidly as you might think. The best time to buy is when it’s right for you. 


Now, let's talk mortgages. While online options are certainly convenient, they might not always be the cheapest. Spoiler alert: there's more to it than just clicking a few buttons. Here are the positives to working with a local lender when working on your mortgage:

  • Reputation
  • Knowledge of area
  • Personalized experience
  • Portfolio products
  • Future transactions

Buyer’s Agents

Ever thought about going solo and working directly with the seller's agent or builder? You might assume it'll save you some serious cash, but we'll uncover the truth. Hint: having your own buyer's agent can be a game-changer. They've got your back and can negotiate on your behalf, potentially saving you both money and headaches. The benefits to hiring a buyers agent include:

  • No cost to you, the buyer
  • Fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interests
  • Understanding the nuances of purchasing a home
  • Emotional support in this competitive market
  • A team to make the process as smooth as possible
  • Negotiating with the seller’s agent on your behalf

Watch the Home Buyer seminar video above to cover all the important points about home buying — financing, the buying process, and more!

We Help Madison Buy and Sell Homes.

It can be tricky and emotional, we make it easy and comfortable.

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