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Tis the Season (Christmas cookie recipe included)

Matt Winzenried

Matt has worked in Real Estate since 2005. He has experience in changing markets and economies...

Matt has worked in Real Estate since 2005. He has experience in changing markets and economies...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

Hi friends, Angie here,

          This time of year has me thinking about traditions, Holiday Traditions to be exact.  As my kids are getting older I’ve been thinking more about the traditions I want to establish in my own family. Which has caused me to look back at the traditions I grew up with. Whether I thought of them as traditions or not, they are specific things we always did when the Holidays came around. 

          Some special traditions I enjoyed were the candlelit Christmas Eve church service, and coming home after to open one present from Mom and Dad. Then of course, Christmas morning, taking turns to open all the presents Santa had brought us. We always got a real Christmas Tree and Dad always put up the lights on our house. These are all pretty typical Christmas traditions, but they are special to me, and I’m sure I’ll carry a lot of them through for my kids. I’ve heard of some other family traditions that sound more unique and a little crazy. Have you ever heard of “hiding the pickle ornament”? The first to find it gets an extra present? I’ve heard it’s an old German tradition. (Which I’ve since read may not be true). Regardless, it sounds fun to me, and I may be looking for a pickle ornament this Christmas!

         Let’s not forget about Thanksgiving, there are many great traditions that surround this Holiday, like going around the table and each saying what you’re thankful for, eating that sweet potato dish that’s probably more butter and brown sugar than it is potato, and of course, Black Friday shopping! I think we can all agree however, that one of the more favorite traditions surrounding Thanksgiving, is all the wonderful food and how it brings us all together.

I hope you can all look back and remember some good times, and good food;) and enjoy this time with family and friends.

I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention one more awesome part of this upcoming Holiday Season… Christmas Cookies!!!
Here’s my mom’s (amazing) Christmas Cutout Cookie Recipe. They’re not too sweet, a little crispy, a little soft.. all in my opinion of what makes the perfect cookie. And don’t forget the frosting, which completes the cookie! Enjoy!

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