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Annual Brewers Event Success!

Matt Winzenried

Matt has worked in Real Estate since 2005. He has expert negotiation skills...

Matt has worked in Real Estate since 2005. He has expert negotiation skills...

Sep 30 2 minutes read

I've been a long time Brewers fan. I remember the YMCA baseball league taking us to County Stadium while in elementary school and watching them play on tv the few times a game would actually air. They used to play in the American league and have great games against the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians. One year we were at a game with our freshman baseball team where a brawl broke out versus Cleveland, it was awesome to see as a 14 year old, we rushed to the front row to watch the action even closer. 

One of my best friends growing up would invite me to games where his dad would wait for hours after the game and my friend and I would hang around looking for players to come out to their cars to try and get an autograph. So, when we pull up to Miller Park after a bus ride from Madison, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic, thinking of all the games I was lucky enough to go to as a kid and having the chance now to watch a game from somewhere other than the bleachers. 

This year's annual Brewers event was a 5-0 loss but it was still an awesome time, the weather was perfect, the crowd was big, and the company was great. If you haven't had a chance to join us on our Brewers game event, or any of our other events, I encourage you to come on out, you may be reminded of some fun childhood memories or even make some new ones. 

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